Aqueous Art Marker


Blend your own colour shades using our Aqueous Art Marker Bases (AAM B100). Unique colours can be achieved by mixing different combinations in an infinite number of different ratios. Perfect for Arts & Crafts, these inks are suitable for use with both standard or fine-liner nibs to produce artwork on a wide range of surfaces. These inks not only provide a gateway to a world of vibrant colours, but the use of bases further reduces the need to hold hundreds of colours in stock.


  • Compliant to the requirements of ASTM D-4236, EN71, BPR, USP51 and USP61.
  • Easily washable from skin and most fabrics.
  • Cap off protection
  • Novelty and effect inks also available.

Colour Range

Colours are for guidance only and will vary across different screens

1001 Light Blue
1002 Mid Blue
1003 Blue
1004 Airforce Blue
1005 Blush
1006 Rose Pink
1007 Dark Pink
1008 Purple
1009 Grape
1010 Khaki
1011 Racing Green
1012 Dark Green
1013 Turquoise
1014 Lime
1015 Light Green
1016 Yellow
1017 Apricot
1018 Orange
1019 Burgundy
1020 Satin
1021 Mauve
1022 Light Brown
1023 Dark Brown
1024 Light Grey
1025 Summer Sky
1026 Brown Grey
1027 Black
1028 Red
1029 Deep Brown
1030 Dark Blue

Colour Bases

Cyan base
Yellow base
Red Base
Pink Base
Salmon Base
Magenta Base
Burgundy Base
Cherry Base
Black Base