Tag Ink


Our tag ink is a type of permanent ink used for marking polyurethane and polystyrene plastic surfaces. It varies from commonly available permanent inks in that it penetrates the surface it is used on, resulting in a truly permanent, weatherproof and light-fast mark.

Originally designed for marking tags to identify cattle and other livestock , it can also be used for marking polyurethane and polystyrene surfaces against the ravaging effects of the elements i.e. rain and sunlight. It is ideal for use for marking plant labels in the garden, on building sites or for any open-air situation requiring a truly permanent mark.


  • Etches into the surface
  • Weather-proof
  • Lightfast
  • Water-proof

We also supply our tag inks in ready-to-use marker pens.

Colour Range

Colours are for guidance only and will vary across different screens