WB900P Dry-erase Ink


Setting new standards for long-term erasure performance, WB900P is a cap-off formulation offering good all round features.


  • Unprecedented long-term erasure from a wide range of surfaces*
  • Leaves minimal residue after erasure
  • Works on budget boards including reconditioned PVC
  • Fast-drying for no smear erasure (write on/wipe off)
  • Safe for children’s play kits and school hand held boards

*Erases after 6 months on a coated steel board

WB900P series has been independently confirmed as meeting the requirements of the following:

  • ASTM D-4236 – Standard Practice for Labelling of Hazardous Art Material (LHAMA)
  • BS EN 71 – 3:2013 – Safety of Toys. Specification for Migration of Certain Elements
  • BS EN 71 – 9:2005 – Safety of Toys. Organic Chemical Compounds – Requirements
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

Colour Range

Colours are for guidance only and will vary across different screens

Black A
Blue B
Red C
Green D
Orange E
Yellow F
Brown G
Emerald J
Scarlet L
Victoria Blue P

Special Colours Available

Lavender H
Turquoise R
Purple T
Violet V
Rose Pink X
Lemon Grass Y
Ruby Red CS
Golden Orange EF
Mandarin Orange EK
Lime Green YQ